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Barre Breakdown: What To Expect At Your First Barre Class

If you're anything like me, it's scary to do something out of your comfort zone. To a lot of people, barre is foreign and can seem a bit intimidating. Most people I talk to about barre tell me they "don't dance" or "aren't flexible" or "it's too girly." Well, I am here to debunk those excuses and give you a run down of what really goes on during a barre class!

Barre fitness classes have taken off in popularity over the last few years, but barre has actually been around for decades. In 1959, Lotte Berk opened up the Lotte Berk Method in London after suffering a back injury. The goal was to combine ballet training with rehabilitative therapy. It wasn't until 1971 that the Lotte Berk Method was introduced to the US, when Lydia Bach, a student of Lotte's, opened the Lotte Berk Method in Manhattan.

There are a variety of different styles of barre classes. Some tend to be more ballet based and a little more "dancy" if you will, while others are more pilates or fitness based.

At Burn Fitness Co., I can confidently tell you that our barre classes are NOT dance classes! They are designed so that any body, no matter age, size, or gender, can get the best workout they can. We use the fundamental movements of barre, pilates, and some yoga moves to make those muscles shake!

Every class will begin with a warmup. This allows your body to transition from resting to active mode and helps to prevent injury. After warming up for a few minutes, your instructor will guide you through a full body workout. No class is going to be exactly the same. The sequence that muscle groups are worked varies from class to class to keep your body guessing and avoid any sort of plateau. Immediately after working each muscle group, you will get a good stretch to ensure you create long + lean muscles. After about 50 minutes of getting those muscles shakin', you will take about 5 minutes to cool down, stretch out, and recenter.

I know I said it a few times already, but expect to shake, like really shake. If you haven’t ever done barre before, there’s a good chance your muscles aren’t used to being isolated they way

they will be in one of these classes.

My suggestion: embrace the shake!