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Cardio Doesn’t Have to Be Boring...

If you’re anything like me, you’ll avoid cardio at just about any cost. The thought of being put on a treadmill for X amount of miles or X amount of time is not my idea of fun. But cardio doesn’t have to be boring. Here's a list of a few ways that you can mix up your cardio to avoid boredom and help your body constantly evolve.


Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to get that heart pumpin’. It’s quick and effective. Just 10 minutes can burn just as many calories as running at an 8-minute-per-mile pace. (Men’s Journal)

Circuit/HIIT Classes

If you've never tried a Circuit/HIIT style class, you're missing out. The interval

style classes are generally a mix between 100% max intensity for 1-2 minutes, followed by active recovery time. This will get the heart rate up and burn more fat in less time. These tend to be no joke and will kick your butt into shape quick! Ranging from more aerobic style exercises to strength and conditioning, you will be guaranteed to get one heck of a workout!



Here in the Grand Valley there are endless trails to explore, ranging in every level of difficulty. Not only can you get your heart rate up, you can get an intense booty and thigh workout in there too. on top of the physical benefits, hiking has been proven to be a mood booster and lower levels of stress and anxiety. Take advantage of our big backyard here in Grand Junction. Check out All Trails to see a vast selection of hikes and start checking some off your list!

Mountain Biking

Running not quite your cup of tea? Biking can take loads of pressure off of your joints as compared to running. Fruita is quickly rising in popularity for its vast number of trails that range in every difficulty. Obviously you're gonna get mega ripped calves and thighs, but mountain biking also provides a killer full body workout. Your core has to help you balance while your upper body has to maneuver the bike and steer (you'll get that heart a pumpin' too!).

Trail Running

Trail running will work your body in a different way than just running on a treadmill. When you run outside, it enhances balance and proprioception (aka the position and movement of your body in space) while also strengthening tendons and ligaments used to navigate the uneven terrain. Not to mention, there are some pretty bada** views around GJ.

Recreational Sports/Leagues

Grab your friends and create a team! There are a variety of team sports to choose from at gjcity.org or you can look into taking specialized fitness classes (obviously, we think Burn Fitness Co. offers some pretty awesome ones). This is a fun way to get involved with the community, meet new people, and have a lot of fun!